Pill's Service

Are you worried about pills you´ve found at home?
There is a good opportunity to use this service to identify them by yourself.
Let's use Pill's Service.

Use Rules and Conditions:
This Service can be used by everyone who wants identify the pill according to a logo (an imprint). You must be aware of negative and/or false effect of searching process. There is always possibility that two absolute different pills have the same logo. After you identify your pill, please contact your healthcare practitioner or apothecary in all instances.
The Service provides you assumed information from the different resources.

I read and agree with above information: Yes No

Searching for all:
If you want to find your pill according to the logo (writable on the PC's Keyboard), you can use following form. This database contains more than 10.000 logos.

Set the logo: and/or
Type of searching: common detail (1-word logo) detail (2-words logo)

Searching for "professionals":
After registration you get the access password to the private part of the database where you can search pills according to all their parameters.


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